Friday Four

Friday, July 12, 2013

1. I'm pretty sure it isn't available in my area, but doesn't Instacart sound like great way to cut down on errands:

Founder Apoorva Mehta says Instacart's "secret sauce" is its fulfillment software, which allows the online retailer to combine orders placed at different times and fill them from different stores--supplementing frozen food from Trader Joe's with fresh fruit from Whole Foods and cereal from Costco. Customers assemble their orders with lengthy drop-down menus on Instacart's website or app. [links dropped]
The full article sounds much more hopeful about the grocery shopping startup than its failed predecessor, Webvan, for several good reasons.

2. Vivek Haldar on becoming a parent:
Becoming a parent is a singularity-like event. Those not there have no idea what it's like. Those past the point of no return can't get the message back out. It instantly changes the world you live in and the person you thought you were and what's important and precious.
I also like his thoughts on "work-life 'balance'". [my scare quotes]

3. Some coffee shops offer unlimited free wireless to draw customers, but others are looking for ways to drive out "laptop hobos" (not to be confused with "laptop zombies").

4. One day a few months ago, after we came in from playing outside, I filled a glass with water, drank it in one gulp, and said, "Aaaaaah!" when I finished. My daughter promptly imitated me and smiled, causing me to laugh. Ever since, she has often looked at me, smiled, and said, "Aaaaaah!" after seeing me drink water.

-- CAV

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