Kerry for Sheik?

Monday, October 25, 2004

T. Bevan does a great job of summarizing the juvenile and often violent behavior of the left during this Presidential campaign (as of 10-21-04) at RealClearPolitics. It is bad enough that the "Democrats" are indulging in this kind of behavior. In fact, the shooting at and laying siege to campaign headquarters qualify as domestic terrorism.

But in what I'd say is now the most damning indictment of the Kerry Edwards ticket to spew forth from their own mouths so far is this gem from Elizabeth Edwards. In response to concerns about post-election rioting, she says, "Uh, well, not if we win."

Let's examine this for a moment. It is bad enough that the left is behaving as they have done in this campaign. But in one off-the-cuff comment, this ambulance-chaser's wife and would-be Second Lady has admitted that the top echelons of the campaign know about this sort of behavior and, in not condemning it in any way at all, implicitly accepts it.

I have been struggling for awhile to figure out what bothered me so much about this comment, but this is it: it comes across as a scarcely-veiled threat. At least when they were still spouting scare stories about Social Security, disenfranchisement, and the draft, the Democrats were not threatening us with physical violence.

While we can't expect John Kerry to keep a lid on every left-wing crackpot out there, we should be alarmed at the very least when his campaign is shown to welcome the support of such barbarians. Furthermore, just as the Islamic terrorists will be emboldened by Kerry's near-certain retreat from the war abroad, so will these domestic terrorists be emboldened by the fact that he condones (and indeed welcomes) what they are doing. Au contraire, monsieur Kerry, there will be riots and more if you win!

A vote for Bush is not a guarantee for a well-fought war, but a vote for Kerry promises that our foreign enemies will be emboldened by our retreat while our domestic enemies will corrode our great nation from within. Kerry is even worse than I thought!