Notes about Blogging II

Thursday, December 16, 2004

From time to time, I will post the notes on blogging that I have accumulated for future reference. This is the second installment.

LaShawn Barber has a very interesting post concerning the pros and cons of having comments enabled for a blog that sees heavy traffic. I think she has a pretty good group of commenters going over there and that she should keep using the comments feature. But then, maybe I'll see things differently a little ways down the road!

Some of the best collections on blogging advice I have found so far occur here and here.

The Captain's Quarters, winner of Best Conservative Blog for 2004, links to the weblog awards and gives what I think is some excellent advice: to check some of these blogs out! Several others of my favorite blogs won their respective categories: Powerline, RealClear Politics, and Best of the Web Today.

The Technorati tool enabled me to find what looks to be a German blog whose author seems to be sympathetic with Objectivism. I plan to stop by and see whether some of his links might be worth adding to my blogroll.

And finally, via Technorati, I have learned that my blog has passed a minor milestone: the first person I have never heard of linked to one of my favorite posts so far. As a result, I don't feel quite so silly about adding a site meter to my blog.

-- CAV

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