The Hunt Finally Begins

Monday, January 24, 2005

I see that Michelle Malkin, always hot on the trail of CAIR, is finally interested in Rizwan Mowlana! I smelled a rat both times I saw him on Fox News earlier this month. I may have some more interesting things to add about this as it unfolds, depending on what turns up. In any event, I'm glad to see that a bloodhound like Malkin is on the hunt. I don't particularly trust anyone from CAIR, especially when they're asking for money. This is the good news. So far, though, Mowlana is still getting very good press, as the Washington Post story she points to shows.

In addition to backing up my own belief that Mowlana is an important member of CAIR, Malkin reports that his media blitz was even bigger than I realized.

There's a huge, 1,947-word page A1 story in the Washington Post today that I urge you all to read, all the way through. Reporter Jacqueline L. Salmon follows Rizwan Mowlana--local director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Md./Va. and head of a newly-created charity called "Asia Relief"--to Sri Lanka as he sets out to distribute aid and supplies to tsunami victims. The story is a glowing portrait of a crusading humanitarian on a difficult mission to save his native land.

Mowlana raised a ton of money and raked in mounds of clothing and other donations from compassionate Americans in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. He hit a media bonanza with appearances or mentions on every major cable news network as well as ABC News' World News Tonight; an interview on Voice of America; and numerous mentions in the Post [emphasis added] (here, here, here , and here) and USA Today. After Mowlana appeared on FOX News, a Modesto, Calif., businessman stepped forward to donate $1 million worth of medical supplies.

Malkin also asks a few pertinent questions about Mowlana's story line, including (1) How many relatives, exactly, did he lose? (2) How old, exactly, was an infant relative he says survived? and (3) What are the precise details of this miraculous survival? Hee hee hee! This is good stuff!

Go get 'im girl!

-- CAV

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