Where's the Link, Sammy Boy?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

On a day I have little time to post, Sam Harris comes to the rescue again! This will be a short post, but one with rather pregnant questions.

Why does Sam Harris not have a link directly from his own website (which must have been down the day I tried to find it) and the "Faithless" site that specifically says it "launched December 5, 2004 with Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith"? And why is the latter a "United Universists Presentation" that links directly to the mission statement of said group, which is clearly a New Age cult? Truly rational minds would like to know!

Harris has been publicizing his book at least since October and clearly finds his mission important. So why not make it easier for the masses to attain enlightenment? Could it be that he realizes they might run the hell away if they realized that one thing is supposed to lead them to another?

This is truly amazing!

-- CAV

P.S. Via my subscription to TIA Daily (and see below), I learned of the following link. (This is a series of scientists' answers to the question, "What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?") Robert Tracinski's comment, which is directly pertinent to the whole Sam Harris debacle: "What is wrong with the world? There are no defenders of reason and the power of the human mind."

Update: 1-5-05 More of Tracinski's commentary now appears on his blog. His blog posts tend to lag for days behind the newsletter, which, oddly enough for an Objectivist publication, appears regularly and on time! He's either very busy or is trying to sell more subscriptions! (Heh! But seriously, I wish him luck! The newletter is a good read.) Also, be sure to read his comments on NRO's decision to return to its old shenanigans. (I remember once reading a snitty obituary of Rand from the same publication.) I may have more to say on this sort of thing if he doesn't beat me to it.

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