Reason Roundup 2-27-05 & Mars

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ugh! What a weekend! Friday saw me healthy, basically done writing a grant, and looking forward to a relatively free weekend. Just had to do finishing touches on the grant, get a birthday present for the wife, and write an essay for this contest for Objectivist bloggers. Believe it or not, I was out the door by about 6:00 Friday and my wife was able to leave with me! We actually had a nice dinner and a movie for the first time in ages. Hitch, starring Will Smith, was basically the only thing in the movie listings that looked even remotely appealing. It was, in fact, a pretty good romantic comedy and was well worth seeing.

Saturday saw me running around town on errands, followed by a crawfish boil at the house of one of my wife's coworkers. That was fun, but I felt myself coming down with a cold. So now I'm a bit under the weather and wondering whether I have enough in the tank to grind out the essay I planned on submitting for the contest. We'll see. I plan to post it as soon as I can if I do.

If my posting is erratic over the next few days, it's because the cold has turned out to be a beast. In the meantime, I direct your attention to the Reason Roundup over at the Charlotte Capitalist. and then, to these fascinating images of the Martian landscape (via Matt Drudge)!

-- CAV

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