News and Notes: 9-18-05

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A New Name for an Old Feature

Out with the "Announcements" and in with the "News and Notes".

For some time, I have customarily reserved a post, usually on Sundays, as a catch-all for such things as interesting items not quite worthy of their own posts, acknowledgements of carnivals or roundups linking to this blog, changes to this blog, quick mentions of interesting blogs or web sites I have found, and personal news I wished to record for whatever reason. I started calling the posts "Announcements", but I was never happy with that, because the title was not completely accurate and, with the inclusion of the personal tidbits, the name seemed to verge on the self-important.

I considered doing away with these posts altogether, but quickly concluded that they served a useful function. Around the same time, I also realized that readers were taking the time to read them, although I had not always been completely sure they did. In a couple of cases, I suspect I may have helped a couple of new, but very good blogs get noticed by some of my better-established fellow bloggers. So I decided to resume these posts at some later time and, hopefully, with a less pompous-sounding name. In any case, this is the first of the new incarnation of the old "Announcements" posts.

Don't ask me why I didn't come up with "News and Notes" much sooner. It seems like the obvious thing now that I've come up with it. It may sound pedestrian, but I like the title a lot better.


A couple of blogs on the 'roll here have recently turned one year old. Stop by and wish Mover Mike and Bubblehead a happy first anniversary of blogging. Bubblehead has, in just a year, compiled a particularly impressive list of blogging accomplishments. (See his post.) He also is the founder and administrator of Ultraquiet No More, the group submarine blog.

Blog Roundups

Andy Clarkson at the Charlotte Capitalist posted a Reason Roundup Wednesday. Stop by and check it out if you haven't already.

Martin Lindeskog at Ego posted a Midweek Sampler on the same day.

The Undercurrent

The fourth issue of The Undercurrent is now available online. I congratulate Don Watkins on winning the blogger contest.

An Interesting Discussion

Be sure to stop by my post on the recent court decision concerning the Pledge of Allegiance. The subsequent discussion in the comments got very interesting. I thank everyone who contributed to that thread.

More News on Axiomatic

Don Watkins hasn't even published his first issue and he's already talking about expansion! I think it's a good idea.

Update: And, in bad news to fans of his blog, he's hanging it up as a full-time blogger. He'll still pop in at Noodle Food from time to time though.

At the Submarine Blog

I received an amusing inquiry from fellow submarine blogger PigBoatSailor as to whether I am related to Commander Kent Van Horn.

I also highly recommend another article by PigBoatSailor about a long string (a big pile?) of ... um ... crappy duty days. It's long, but it is the funniest sea story I have read in a long time.

Posting Schedule Irregularities

Due to personal commitments, I may post little or nothing from this Thursday until the following Monday.

Update (translation: Oh shit!): It's still a wee bit early to panic, but .... As of right now, Tropical Storm Rita is headed straight for Houston and is predicted to be a major storm when it arrives. Whether or not this path holds up, my original statement on posting irregularities stands.

-- CAV


9-19-05: Updates on Anger Management and Hurricane Rita.
9-24-06: Added hypertext anchor.

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