Eat a Ham Sandwich for al Qaeda Day

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'd like to thank Meryl Yourish for sending her readers my way, and her readers for stopping by!

They've banned Piglet in England?!?!? To avoid offending the sensibilities of whom? The Moslems who don't care what's on a coworker's calendar or mug -- or the ones who want to blow us up regardless of what we do? I think that's one of those questions that sort of answers itself.

With apologies to Meryl Yourish, but none to any Moslem who cannot tolerate the notion that I might dare fail to act in accordance to their religious strictures, I hereby propose that the first annual "Eat a Ham Sandwich for al Qaeda Day" take place on Monday, October 10, 2005.

Have a delicious ham sandwich, or a couple or three (to cover for anyone left out of the fun, of course) for lunch at work, at the park, or in a restaurant. Those who wish to celebrate the glory of Western civilization for more than a single day are encouraged to do so, and should consider a three day festival to culminate with a ham sandwich on that holiest of days, Columbus Day. In fact, I urge you to do so, whether or not you live in the New World, and particularly if you reside in England, which appears to be committing cultural suicide.

Spread the word. And the mustard. And the mayo.

And if they don't like where I'm going to put my ham sandwich, I have another place I can think of to put it.

-- CAV

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10-6-05: Added PS.
10-9-05: Thanked Meryl Yourish for the link.


Anonymous said...

Of course, there are many religious Jews who won't be able to eat a ham sandwich.

I propose as an alternative the open display of Piglet memorabilia or other pig-themed merchandise.

Gus Van Horn said...

Yes! An excellent idea, and far better than my plan to cover for my Jewish friends by eating extra ham sandwiches!


Anonymous said...

Your Jewish friends may be eating nothing on Columbus Day--it happens to be Yom Kippur this year.

And as you know, gus, I'll be cooking non-halal meat this Saturday and washing it down with beer in the company of women with bare arms and legs.

Gus Van Horn said...


" Your Jewish friends may be eating nothing on Columbus Day--it happens to be Yom Kippur this year."

Great! I'm so bloody non-smooth sometimes that I amaze myself!

As for the rest, I'll be there!


Gus Van Horn said...

A reader writes in:

"Alas, I don't like ham very much. Can I do serious damage to a hamburger instead? Oh, and you'll get a laugh out of this,
[a Moslem friend of mine] would probably join in too, except that he doesn't like the taste of ham very much. (The taboo on eating pork doesn't go over well in
Central Asia, apparently, in much the same way as even the most devout Mongolian
Buddhists don't bother with vegetarianism...."

No need to specifically eat ham -- or anything at all -- so long as you make a point of doing as GB suggests above: " the open display of Piglet memorabilia or other pig-themed merchandise".

I wish not to exclude anyone here. This is to be a celebration of Western civilization with thumb incidentally flicking the nose towards al Qaeda and its multiculturalist sympathizers and enablers.


Unknown said...

Yom Kippur is Thursday, Columbus Day is Monday.

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention that this Columbus Day is Monday October 10 in the USA only where Congress has decreed that it is on the second Monday of October. Places that celebrate it on the original date will indeed have it on Yom Kippur which is Thursday October 12 this year.

Unknown said...

Error on calendar. Monday October 10 is Columbus Day in the USA. Wednesday October 12, is the real day. Thursday October 13 is Yom Kippur

Gus Van Horn said...


Thanks for clearing up where Yom Kippur and Columbus Day fall on the calendar this year! I don't recall ever actually having the latter off, and so forgot all about the issue of its observed date versus its actual one.