Ecoterrorists Shift Tactics

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At RealClear Politics is an article that should be read in full. It describes a recent change in tactics on the part of animal "rights" activists. The new tactic? Terrorism aimed at businessmen who aid research involving animals.

Animal-rights fanatics have figured out that you beat medical research that uses animals not by going after the researchers, but by going after those who do business with the researchers. They cow Wall Street not by flying in to buildings, but by trashing members' clubs.
Here is a condensed list, from the article, of the terrorist attacks that leftist fanatics employed to keep Life Sciences Research, a company that tests drugs on animals, from being listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
(1) "Anonymous thugs vandalized [a company lawyer's] house, smashed his car's windshield and made nasty phone calls to his home in the middle of the night."

(2) Skip Boruchin, a trader who still does business with the firm has had his yard painted with epithets (e.g., "murderer") and has been libeled as a child pornographer online.

(3) "[A] website instructed people to send sex toys to [the same trader's] 90-something mother at an assisted-living home. Another website listed the names, phone numbers and Social Security numbers of 19 neighbors, and threatened to publicize information about their credit cards and medical history."
In addition to all that peace and love, here are acouple more interesting tidbits.
(1) Another company, Chiron, had its offices in California bombed in 2003, including a second blast intended to injure first-responders.

(2) In testimony before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jerry Vlasak, spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, dismissed the intimidation of Boruchin and others as "getting a little spray paint on the wall." Furthermore, he defended the notion of assassinating medical researchers: "[For] people who are hurting animals and who will not stop when told to stop, [murder would be a] morally justifiable solution."
Support for terrorism on the left goes beyond just celebrating our 2000th casualty in Iraq. In fact, some on the left are terrorists.

-- CAV

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