Miss Maple Does Christmas!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Miss Maple has carried color coordination and the Christmas spirit just a little too far here, it seems!

This picture is too funny on its own for me to add anything to it by way of clever verbiage, so I'll just describe it here in case anyone misses anything (or the picture doesn't show up quite right). Note how her eyes glow like green and red Christmas bulbs (and matching the cloth underneath her) in the flash of the camera. And note further that, with the way she is lying on that extension cord, she appears to have been wired with her own power supply!

Too good not to cat-blog!

-- CAV


Anonymous said...

Can Miss Maples blink her eyes on an alternate basis?

Gus Van Horn said...

She can, of course, but she refuses to do it when asked.


Anonymous said...

That's cats for you! ^.^
The photo would make a great Christmas card.

By the way, my cat's name is also Miss Maple.

P.S.: I know this entry was posted years ago but I still felt like commenting. Na! ^.^