Quick Roundup 21

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney's Accident

I barely watch the news on television, but my impression is that all you would hear anything about is Dick Cheney's hunting accident. This is, of course, because the media hate Dick Cheney almost as much as they hate Bush. (I think the delayed notification was stupid, and simply pours on the gravy for the press.)

Cox and Forkum came up with the perfect cartoon (above) on this matter, which gives us all a sneak preview into what we can expect to see in the papers this weekend.

Amit Ghate on the Cartoon Riots

He has four posts up on the Moslem cartoon riots. Here's a list, with short blurbs.

I recommend stopping by his blog daily while this story is brewing.

A Blog Mascot: Because it's important.

I think it's time to make Mohammed my blog's official mascot. That immediately suggests the following pro-free speech motto:

Mohammed: Your prophet, my mascot.

It would even fit onto a bumper sticker!

To quote Tony Blankley:
Those who argue for republication of the Danish cartoons are not "instigating" a clash of civilization. Nor are they pouring gasoline on a fire. Rather, they are defending against the already declared and engaged radical Islamist clash against the Christian, secular, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese world, by expressing solidarity with the firemen.
The fire is out the day I can say this and simply be told to go to hell rather than possibly receive assistance in getting there.

I figure I'll ink to this part of the post from my sidebar and add a smaller version of Mo as a favicon once I find a place to host it.

South Dakota to Ban Abortion?

This news is slightly old, but....
The South Dakota House has passed a bill that would nearly ban all abortions in the state, ushering the issue to the state Senate.

Supporters are pushing the measure in hopes of drawing a legal challenge that will cause the US Supreme Court to reverse its 1973 decision legalizing abortion.

The bill banning all abortions in South Dakota was passed 47-to-22 in the House.

Amendments aimed at carving out exemptions for rape, incest and the health of women were rejected.

The bill does contain a loophole that allows abortions if women are in danger of dying. Doctors who do those abortions could not be prosecuted. [bold added]
And the bill will get signed if it makes it through the Senate.

Rule of Reason

The Rule of Reason has just gotten a spiffy new template. Stop by and check it out. Also, I thank Nick Provenzo for linking back here.

-- CAV


Today: (1) Moved Mo over to the right so my quote doesn't get confused with Blankley's. (2) Added some more to the mascot section.


Unknown said...

Yo, Gus, it's a shame about the hunting accident, but at least they got to Cheney before he gutted the guy.

Or has everyone else already made that joke?

Amit Ghate said...

Thanks for the plug, Gus. It's much appreciated!

Gus Van Horn said...


That's a new one. I'll probably end up using it at work before the day is out.

I know of someone in a building near where I work whose office door is plastered with all sorts of anti-Bush, ant-war tripe. For student interviews, I think, his door is now covered up. (And I would surmise he was told to do this since he used paper towels rather than something nice, or just taking things down for awhile.) If I see the guy, it will be all I can do to keep from saying, "What? Are you hiding from Dick?"


You're welcome! And thanks for finding all that stuff!


bothenook said...

my new motto is going to be the bumpersticker i saw today in sacramento: "I'd rather go hunting with Cheney than driving with Kennedy".
and adrian, i LIKE that line.s