Friday, September 29, 2006

Well, I just finished making the changes to my blogroll, pretty much following "option 2", the approach of grouping bloggers together by "community" when possible rather than (often wrongly) by their update frequencies. What a nightmare! I knew that with all the rearranging I'd have to do -- in Blogger's clunky template editor no less -- it would be hard. But on top of that, publishing problems related to spammers made implementing the changes hard. I'm not really entirely sure my blog completely republished, either, but it looks like it did, anyway.

I'd forgotten this morning that I planned to add a few additional links: to blogs I simply find entertaining. The new groupings are as follows.

  • Recently Added -- This is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Fellow Travelers -- This will include bloggers I judge to be Objectivists or sympathetic to Objectivism.
  • Comrades in Arms -- This group includes ex-military bloggers and those strongly interested in the military. Most, but not all, are fellow ex-submariners.
  • Other Friends -- This includes everyone else -- friends who do not fall into one of the other two categories, heavy-hitters (aka "obligatory" links), and others with whom I reciprocally link.
  • Entertainers -- This is a brand new category. As a blogger, my main focuses are philosophy and politics as they pertain to current events. I do some autobiographical blogging as well. The blogs in this list do not really fit in with my usual themes here: I simply find them interesting. Some -- like Engrish and Wordspy -- I've known about for years. Others, like Geek Press and Lower Case L, are new to me. Since I follow them anyway, why not share them with my readers?
  • Retirees -- These are blogs I used to follow whose owners moved on to other blogs or quit blogging altogether.
In case you forget, just move your cursor over the section heading and a descriptive blurb will show up as with an individual blog. (Except in the case of "Recently Added".)

Other changes....
  • If your blog starts with an "a" or a "the", it's in the title now, but I ignore it for purposes of alphabetization. I alphabetize by the first word in the title of the blog or, in the case of excessively long titles, what I call the blog instead.
  • PSU Objectivist Club is now listed as Penn State Objectivist Club.
  • Alexander Marriott is now listed as Wit and Wisdom, the correct title of his blog.
That should be it.

If your blog was here before, it should still be here. Please let me know if you notice that anybody has gone missing, any links do not work, I have made any other typos, something is misalphabetized, or anything else stupid like that. (I already know that there is a pair of close quotes after "Anger of Compassion". But I am done fighting with Blogger tonight.)

The main thing left in this template overhaul I will probably unveil in about another week.

Update: I will have very limited internet access from some time this afternoon until Sunday, so I will probably be very slow getting to comments and email until then.

-- CAV


Today: Corrected some typos. Added note about being unavailable.


SN said...

In IE v6 the Blogroll is being truncated at some point (where it lines up -- horizontally -- with the bottom of the main section). In FireFox it shows up fine... the page keeps rolling.

Gus Van Horn said...


Thanks for the tip.

God, I hate Internet Explorer!


Gus Van Horn said...

Hmmm. Nothing leaps out at me from the code for the page and It looks like I won't get back to this until Sunday. If anyone can spot the problem, I'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, I am, fortunately, so long-winded that this problem may often not be apparent!

(Use this post< to see what SN means.)