Fat Cat

Thursday, May 31, 2007

During a visit this weekend, my mother caught the below snapshot of Miss Maple -- who has a knack for making the most of photo opportunities -- holding court next to a pillow my wife's mother gave us after a visit. Mom emailed the picture to me this morning with the following commentary: "The picture says it all."

Miss Maple is part Persian, so her fur and her short, stubby build both emphasize her girth, which has increased since we shifted the cats over to Science Diet Feline Senior on the advice of our veterinarian.

Jerome, now eighteen years old, was beginning to suffer from bladder infections -- a common problem in very old cats like him that this formulation is designed to address. I am happy to say that the Senior knocked Jerome's bladder infections out cold, which is good since giving the old boy pills for them is similar to the fifteen-step process described here.

Concerned about Miss Maple already, since her bullying, Jerome's thinness, and our schedules pretty much force us to feed the cats ad libitum, we asked our vet about this. "Go with the greater need," was his reply. So for now, Jerome gets to be healthy, Miss Maple is enjoying unlimited access to the food dish, and we humans enjoy a reprieve from the inevitable test of wills that will ensue when we switch Miss Maple to Science Diet Light Formula Feline Maintenance and twice-a-day feedings.

-- CAV

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