Eight Random Facts

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I haven't time to blog tonight, so I've decided to blog the first meme to show up on Bloglines.

Here are eight random facts about me.

  1. I am part French, but not Cajun, as you might guess.
  2. It wasn't until my final collegiate soccer game that I scored a goal. I had no angle and shot anyway. Come to think of it, that's how I scored my very first two goals ever, which were in the same game and were basically the exact same play. And left-footed. (I slightly prefer my right foot.)
  3. My favorite card game is hearts.
  4. In college, I turned down a car offered to me for free when I realized I didn't need it and couldn't really afford the upkeep anyway.
  5. This blog was born as a result of a conversation between my good friend Raymund and me in this bar.
  6. An excellent way to annoy me and make me think you're a moron is to wear an overpowering fragrance to work. (I will normally grant a waiver and consider patchouli a "fragrance" regardless of strength for the purposes of calculating annoyance points and the reduction in my estimate of your IQ.)
  7. I have never attended public school -- or worked in the private sector. Oh yeah. There was McDonald's waaay back....
  8. My favorite adult character in Harry Potter is Snape.
I don't do tags but I am always interested in what others would answer, be it at their respective blogs or in the comments here.

Last but not least, I wish Virginia Postrel well. It was her meme that came up on Bloglines and her last random fact is that she has cancer. Some "kicker". I am glad to hear that her prognosis is good.

-- CAV

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