Taking My Own Advice

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Recently, I advised fellow bloggers to "Use scripts and off-site content sparingly. These not only make your page load more slowly, but each one is a potential failure point that can make part or all of it not load at all." I made a big deal of this only to notice over the past few days that a site called "haloscan.com" was causing my blog to take forever to load.

Haloscan provided, via embedded Java code, the little-used trackback feature for this blog, something that Blogger's new automatic backlinking rendered somewhat redundant anyway. Since I was already thinking of getting rid of trackbacks, this annoying difficulty sealed the deal. The script apparently was attempting to obtain data from an unresponsive site.

Blog template changes are dicey and sometimes lead to odd, unexpected results. So if the blog acts strangely (other than loading much faster now), please let me know....

-- CAV

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Gus Van Horn said...

Op-testing the comments.