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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've been terribly swamped lately, so much so that I plowed right into my Monday morning post barely aware of the latest addition -- Earth Hour -- to the growing litany of Green rituals intended to hector the productive for the sin of making the world go round.

Not only had Nick Provenzo already noticed that North Korea is lighting the path, so to speak, back to the Dark Ages, but I liked his graphic better than mine!

And that was just the beginning. I had noticed Google's annoying screen-darkening stunt, but didn't do a screen capture. But C. August did, so now I can point you to his blog with the reaction I had when I saw that: "Nothing says, 'We drank the Kool-Aid' like turning out the lights."

Wouldn't just shutting down all their computer equipment have reduced their "carbon footprint" even more? This stand is immoral and inherently hypocritical coming from Google.

And that post leads directly to a post by Rational Jenn, who ends with a roundup of related posts.

On top of seeing that I missed out on last weekend's fun, I came across a few blogs I hadn't visited before. I've added them to the link list at the right and I'll quickly introduce each one....

While I was at Titanic Deck Chairs, the blog 3 Ring Binder caught my eye as something whose title looked vaguely GTD-ish -- except that it is in fact the blog of none other than LB, one of my soon-to-be neighbors in the Boston area. There's some interesting give-and-take over there on the issue of parenting and individual rights.

(And while we're on the subject, I really enjoyed the latest from Thomas Bowden of the Ayn Rand Institute. He does an excellent job of showing what is at stake in an unfortunate recent court ruling in California against home schooling. His title? "Your Child Is Not State Property".)

I have also noticed a few times recently a blog, One Reality by yet another initialed Boston blogger, SB. I'm pretty sure I spotted One Reality in the OBloggers feed, but if I'm wrong or you haven't yet seen his post on the notion of "footprints", it's worth a read.

And finally, I ran across Kindredist, by a Michigander named Amy as I was catching up on "Edison Hour" festivities. I wish only that I'd thought of the name first!

With that, it's back to the grindstone!

-- CAV


LB said...

Thanks, Link Santa!

Gus Van Horn said...

You're welcome!

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