A Little Desmond Dekker

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I'm not quite getting an early start on the holiday -- I'll work tomorrow and then fly to Mississippi for a very brief visit.

But I did leave work early today. I'm relaxing, taking care of some things around the house, and enjoying some music. Here's some Desmond Dekker.

Dekker was famous outside Jamaica before Bob Marley, and also sang both ska and reggae. If you enjoyed that, there's more here.

(And here's a good, but possibly not work-safe, Dr. Ring Ding video. I found it while looking for "Your Sympathy", which is one of my and Mrs. Van Horn's songs. Hmmm. Need to load Ram di Dance onto the iPod....)

-- CAV


z said...

I like this!

"Get up in tha moanin' slavin' fa breada sah! So dat evary mout can be fed!"

Sounds like my life! I added it to my facebook profile.

Gus Van Horn said...

And (minus kids), this sounds like mine!

"My wife and my kids, they packed up and leave me"

Temporary, yes, but I miss her!