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Monday, December 08, 2008

Forthcoming: The Objective Standard

Via Principles in Practice:

The print edition of the Winter issue of The Objective Standard is at press and will be mailed shortly; the online version will be accessible to subscribers beginning December 20. For promotional purposes, "Capitalism and the Moral High Ground" and "Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative" are available early and to all.

The contents of the Winter issue are:
From the Editor
Letters & Replies


"Capitalism and the Moral High Ground" by Craig Biddle
"Reason or Faith: The Republican Alternative" by John David Lewis
"Net Neutrality: Toward a Stupid Internet" by Raymond C. Niles
"Bubble Boy: Alan Greenspan's Rejection of Reason and Morality" by Gus Van Horn
"The Assault on Energy Producers" by Brian P. Simpson
"Demystifying Newton: The Force Behind the Genius" by Gena Gorlin
"Errors in Inductive Reasoning" by David Harriman


New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR's Economic Legacy Has Damaged America by Burton Folsom Jr. (reviewed by Eric Daniels)
Better Day Coming: Blacks and Equality, 1890–2000 by Adam Fairclough (reviewed by Gus Van Horn)
If you have not yet subscribed to TOS, you can do so online or by calling 800-423-6151. And the Standard makes a great Christmas gift for your active-minded friends, colleagues, and relatives. Everyone concerned with the future should be reading this journal today.
It hasn't even arrived yet and it's already my favorite issue!

67 Years Ago Yesterday

Pearl Harbor was attacked. What better way to remember than to recommend John Lewis's "No Substitute for Victory" to a friend?

Review of The Deniers

Over at Capitalism Magazine, there is a thought-provoking review by Jay Lehr of The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud, by Lawrence Solomon, a "longtime environmental activist" who wondered why so many scientists were disputing the global warming "consensus" and began interviewing them. This book was the ultimate result.
Global warming has become a critical question for citizens who must decide whether the cures being bandied about are not in fact worse than the disease.

In matters of health, most intelligent citizens seek a second opinion before undergoing a serious medical procedure, but in the case of global warming, a second opinion is exactly what global warming activists do not want you to seek, for fear it will reduce the effectiveness of their fear-mongering. Therefore, we are treated to a continuous drumbeat of the words, "the science is settled."

All the scientists Solomon interviews in his book are prominent in climate science and are not just nitpicking over the interpretation of some small piece of data. Throughout the book Solomon artistically includes boxes of highlighted quotes from his subjects, taken from their own publications. [bold added]
Lehr, author of Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns, of which I own a copy, raises a very good point, and his many examples from the book will cast serious, much-needed doubt on the often outrageous claims coming from global warming fear-mongers. I'll probably put this one on my Christmas wish list, but I suspect that, like this review, the book will have failed to challenge the premise in this debate that really demands challenging: the notion that the government has any business interfering with the economy period, global warming or not.

Nice Parody

Via Adrian Hester comes the following parody of "The Way I Are". You needn't have any familiarity with the original to enjoy this!

And if you like that, there appears to be plenty more where that came from at HotForWords, whose author explains, "Who is HotForWords? Her name is Marina Orlova, she's 27 and she's a philologist!"

-- CAV


Mark Wickens said...

Congrats on the publishing of your article. I'm looking forward to it, too!

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And it's a funny coincidence that you wrote in this morning. I was about to email you to thank you for introducing me to EverNote. It's been helping me organize my Boston job hunt, which I will now be spending more time on, very effectively. So, thanks for that, too!


Mark Wickens said...

You're welcome. Glad it's working for you.

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I don't think I'm using it quite the way its creators envisioned, but it has solved a huge headache for me all the same.