Saturday, January 17, 2009

Old friends meet.
Eternity looses its iron grip.
Youth returned in a knowing glance,
"You had to be there...."
And so you were.

Laughter sweet,
A mem'ry shared, increases.
Soul-mates unbreached by happenstance.
"I wish you were there!"
And yet you were.

Time is fleet.
All -- even love -- are conquered.
Here and now, we've only this chance.
"Why are you not here?"
At least you were.

-- CAV


Harold said...


Gus Van Horn said...

File it under doggerel.

I get the occasional urge to compose a poem, and sometimes, when I do, I post.

Myrhaf said...

Good poem!

LB said...

It's lovely and bittersweet. Thanks for sharing.

Harold said...

Well anyway, you might find this interesting. I literally developed a slight headache reading this.

I've been using this software since v3.1.

Also, note who filed the complaint.

Gus Van Horn said...

Thank you, Myrhaf and LB for the compliments, and Harold for the material!