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Monday, February 02, 2009

Once again, I find myself beset with ISP problems, but worse this time.

Based on the intermittent nature of the problem and its resemblance to one I had about a year and a half ago, I expect to have to sit around at home waiting for a visit from the cable guy. If I recall correctly, I had a bad ground then. Perhaps I'm seeing a delayed sequela of September's visit from Hurricane Ike.

Posting and comment moderation may be erratic for the rest of the week. By then, I will either have fixed it, or an upcoming visit to Boston will make the problem moot for a few days....

On February 2, 1905, ...

... Ayn Rand was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

In March, 2009, ...

... another issue of The Undercurrent will hit college campuses nationwide. The official announcement follows.

The Undercurrent (TU) is an independent, student-run Objectivist newspaper distributed twice a year at college campuses across America. TU is currently looking for distributors and donors for its Spring 2009 edition.

If you would like to distribute, please visit http://the-undercurrent.com/order/ and buy your copies of TU today. If money is an issue, please email us at distributors@the-undercurrent.com. There is limited funding from donors for students who want to buy and distribute TU but cannot afford to do so. If you're part of an Objectivist campus club, you may want to see if your college will fund distribution of TU as a club activity.

If you don't have time to distribute, but would like to help us spread rational ideas in academia, you may want to consider donating to TU. A relatively small amount of money can make a big difference. For example, donating $26.50 gets 250 copies of TU distributed at a college campus in United States! And because TU is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, donations are tax deductible. Please visit http://the-undercurrent.com/donate/ and contribute directly using PayPal.

If you have any questions about distributing or donating, please email us at contact@the-undercurrent.com.

Spreading rational ideas on college campuses is critical to making this world a better place.

Thank you for your support.

The Undercurrent [minor format edits]
HT: Guy Barnett

At The Nearby Pen, ...

... Daniel has completed his series of posts on Amelie. He comments:
After seeing your comments here on it though I can give you the short version: what you've been heard on it (which made you not want to see it) is the plot-theme.

The movie actually shows the (sad) emotional state that one can expect after putting other people's lives first and "perhaps" worrying about one's own.

Its theme is the "need to face reality" (or one's fears) in order to attain happiness. [minor edits]
I'm swamped right now, but look forward to eventually reading this.

FBI Policy Shift on CAIR

At Investor's Business Daily:
Over the past several months, the Washington-based pressure group has suffered a series of punishing blows to its reputation as a self-proclaimed "moderate" voice for Muslim-Americans.

In the latest setback, a "Dear Colleague" letter sent out to every House member warns lawmakers and their staffs to "think twice" about meeting with CAIR officials.

"The FBI has cut ties with them," the letter says. "There are indications" CAIR has links to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group.
Yeah, but I'm sure it's not too late to include funding for them in the "stimulus" bill.


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