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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bow, Scrape, Lie

Myrhaf and LB have already commented on the shameful impropriety of the President of the United States bowing before a king -- of an Islamic theocracy no less -- and both show pictures. But have you seen the video?

Sacrilege occurs around the fifty second mark, and be sure to pause it at 0:55 for a moment to observe the dangling left hand of our the Dhimmi-in-Chief.

Now, read the following:
"It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah," said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
I hope the Arab media -- some of whom saw this for what it was -- demand a clarification or an apology. As much as it would pain me to hear whatever he says, America needs to hear Obama being pinned down on this.

Not only is "Peter Keating" too good a nickname for Barack Obama, so is "Gus Webb."

In the meantime:
A stand-off was continuing in the Indian Ocean on Thursday after the crew of a US-flagged container ship regained control of their ship from pirates but saw their captain left adrift with the attackers in a lifeboat.
One of our countrymen is already living through the consequences of our having the royal eunuch of a foreign potentate as head of state.

Despite this, do not be fooled by anyone who would maintain that things would be substantially better under McCain. The pirates -- and North Korea, and Iran, and Russia, and China, and Saudi Arabia -- were all left unchallenged or even aided under Bush.

At least, this time, our "leader" is not disguising his policies of appeasement as strength or patriotism.

Definitions and Context

Hee, hee!

"Age 'Discrimination'"

Over at Voices for Reason, Tom Bowden discusses a lawsuit that, even with idiotic "age discrimination" rules on the books, sounds like it ought to have been thrown out. He excerpts the following testimony:
Q. So you stayed at Merrifield. What were your duties at Merrifield?
A. None.
Q. None? Did you work while you were out there?
A. No.
Q. What did you do all day?
A. Occupied an office.
Read the whole thing.

Three Cheers!

I echo Diana's sentiments: Congratulations to Ari Armstrong on his recently winning the "Modern-Day Sam Adams Award."

Objectivist Carnival

If I remember correctly, C. August will be hosting this week's Objectivist Roundup some time today or tomorrow. In the meantime, he recommends Thomas Sowell's latest "Random Thoughts" and warns that Earth Day looms.

-- CAV


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Jennifer Snow said...

Could you link to the Voices of Reason for us?

Gus Van Horn said...

Done. Thanks!

Bill Brown said...

What's more, when bowing he kept his head down the entire time. If he were bending over to shake a hand, his head would have remained erect. Averting eyes is a further indicator of supplication. Repulsive.

Gus Van Horn said...


Too, the silence of the civil rights establishment about this is deafening.

An Arab term of disparagement I have heard of for those of sub-Saharan ancestry, is "slave".

Or, maybe, Jesse Jackson now knows he needn't "cut his nuts out" now.

Vigilis said...

Gus, you may appreciate a related editorial "cartoon",too.

Gus Van Horn said...


You mean this ? (Your link didn't work.)

Otherwise, try cutting and pasting the URL for the cartoon into tinyurl.com and posting THAT.