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Monday, August 10, 2009

As sent to flag@whitehouse.gov just prior to posting.

Dear President Obama:

I am having writer's block because, as an opinion writer, what motivates me is to win minds over by rational argument. Your asinine program of taking the names of people who disagree with you has confirmed for me that you are impervious to reason and have no regard for facts or rational principles. It has also removed any shadow of a doubt on my part that you are an enemy of freedom and, therefore, of my country. You have informed me that you regard the way I would one day hope to earn my livelihood as a criminal enterprise.

I am having writer's block because I have no respect for you: I have better things to do with my time than to speak to you.

I am having writer's block because speaking to you at all is a waste of my time. I write all the same, but not for your blind eyes, your dead mind, or your empty soul. I write only to register my name in the Patriot's List you are unwittingly compiling.

I am having writer's block because the thought that my country has an enemy instead of a leader occupying your office is difficult to process.

I am having writer's block because I am speaking, not into a microphone, but into the point of a gun held by you, and because you have threatened me. I am not afraid of you, but I do despise you. I would rather you finish pulling that trigger than live in the hellish world you want to force on me. You have violated freedom of speech, the most crucial freedom men possess and the very freedom that such men as John Adams -- whose memory you desecrated the other day -- used to win minds over to found my country.

I am having writer's block because I am speechless. You have committed an unpardonable sin against my county. I know I cannot reach a mind like yours, but justice demands that I publicly make my opinion and my opposition to your tyranny known. I send you this letter only as a formality, and because I am a man of my word. Were you truly an honorable man, you would do my country the only service you can now possibly render it: You would apologize for what you have done and resign your office as soon as humanly possible.


Gus Van Horn


Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful. I've seen a number of such letters posted by my friends around the web, but yours was the best so far. Sent shivers down my spine and joy in my heart to know someone such as yourself is speaking his mind and standing up with me at this appalling government action.

Yours in patriotism,
Kelly Edge

Gus Van Horn said...

Thank you for your patriotism and for the encouragement, Kelly.

Mark Wickens said...

Bravo and thank you.

Mark Wickens said...

(Did you mean "is" instead of "as" in the last sentence of the first paragraph?)

Gus Van Horn said...


To your first, thanks. To your second, I do mean "as:" "You regard it as a criminal enterprise." It did sound a little odd on a reread, but pershaps I shpuld have just dropped the "as."


Mark Wickens said...

My bad.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome. Thank you for all you do.

Brad Harper said...


Gus Van Horn said...

Thank you, sir!

Inspector said...

This puts to words where I've been sitting for a while now. Well said, sir. Well said.

Gus Van Horn said...