Quick Roundup 459

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes, I like to mix things up a little...

No! This post won't be entirely haiku, but with the backlog I've got, I'm going to try one sentence or less per link...

Indentured Servitude for Physicians?

If the idea of mandatory pro bono work for physicians doesn't bother you, your time will come. (HT: Resident Egoist)

Not Effective for Long

I hope, for the sake of the "angry neighbors," that the sign at the top right is just a cute bluff: Since vigilantism is wrong and vandalism is a crime, it is they who will get into trouble, if anyone does.

Hard Times at HP

If you live by the razor-and-blades business model, you die by the razor-and-blades business model.

Mmmmm? Hmmmm!

Among the amusing gag tees offered by Pants Not Found are one pretending to advertise wafers and another displaying nutritional information for a common animal, but both match my nutritional ... requirements ... just a little too closely for comfort. (HT: Found on the Web)

Henthoff Quote

"I wonder whether Obama would be so willing to promote such health care initiatives if, say, it were 60 years from now, when his children will -- as some of the current bills seem to imply -- have lived their fill of life years, and the health care resources will then be going to the younger Americans?" (link)

Another Text-Based List Manager

I already use one (todo.txt) I am reasonably happy with, but here's another.

Becoming the Villain You Don't Know About

If you're going to draw a moral lesson from a work of fiction, it helps to have read it, first!

-- CAV


Amit Ghate said...

Thanks for posting the link to the LA times editorial. Though it's probably too late, I sent the following LTE in reply:

After reading D. Lazarus’ Aug 16th column, I quickly ran to my dictionary to see if I’d misunderstood. But no, “mandate” does mean “to force” and “slavery” is still defined as “forced unpaid labor”. So Lazarus’ call for mandated medical labor is indeed a call for slavery. Welcome to liberalism in the 21st century.

Gus Van Horn said...

I hope it makes it in. That's something that needs saying, most of all to our current President! Thanks for doing that.