Quick Roundup 466

Monday, September 14, 2009


Pictured below is what the Obama Administration and its allies in Congress mean when they use the term "astroturf."

How else could they explain one or two million people being so interested in "bickering" that they'd show up in DC on a weekend?

Many leftists do not see their opinions as opinions, but merely what any decent, reasonably intelligent person would want with a modicum of thought. This protest may help defeat Obama's physician slavery initiative, but, partially for this reason, it will do nothing to make the Democrats re-think their agenda or understand normal Americans any better.

We have to hope that enough Democrats in Congress appreciate the size of these crowds and want power enough to be willing to cave to save their seats: Obama has at least one trick up his sleeve that we already know about.


Regarding short-term ways Americans can stop the onslaught of socialism, I am glad to see that the September 12 Tea Party in Washington was a success, but in the long term, Americans must generally become refamiliarized with the idea that the government exists only to protect individual rights, and made aware that acting for one's self-interest is, in fact, morally good.

And what of the medium-term? Two collections of articles, one about the War We Should Be Fighting and one about physician slavery, will -- if they are made more widely known -- both help effect the necessary long-term cultural change (by applying such principles to current debates) and influence the current political debate for the better.

Making Lemonade with a Business Card

Fans of The Office, this one's for you!

I'm late to this party, but the above video, as Time noted in April, went viral, and it has generated millions of views. According to pitchman Joel Bauer's web site, he was just acting in the video, but its web presence has generated substantial business for him despite making him look ridiculous.

Objectivist Roundup

The latest version is being hosted by C. August at Titanic Deck Chairs.

Well, Okay. One More.

Also culled from the comments to the above Bauer video: "Time to up the ante. Not one but two sites chock full of innovative, creative & just plain weird business card designs. There's something here for everyone."

-- CAV


Lemuel said...

How many people were at the DC protest? There was little coverage of it over the weekend, and reports have been widely disparate regarding the attendance -- some say only a couple hundred thousand, others claim nearly a million.

Gus Van Horn said...

See this article. I think 1-2 million is a decent estimate of the crowd size.