Pelosi's Betrayal

Monday, November 09, 2009

As this leg of my travels draws to a close, I connect to the Internet just long enough to see that Nancy Pelosi scraped together just enough votes to ram an unread, 1900-page physician slavery bill through the House of Representatives during the night on Saturday.

History will not be kind to Pelosi or to Barack Obama. Their unpopular, immoral, impractical, and anti-American effort will fail in its stated goal whether or not it passes. Whether they are quickly forgotten or achieve lasting infamy as traitors depends only on whether it finally becomes law.

But neither the health of the American people, nor our gratitude, nor even perpetual political power suffice to explain the motives of the reptilian Pelosi. Even the last is too clean and innocent to explain her.

Nancy Pelosi is an egalitarian to the core, and the simple fact that some people in America can have good health, when others do not, or even that Americans generally have the best medical care in the world, rankles her, and not because there are some who lack medical care.

She does not simply feel that the good fortune of some people in the world is morally wrong; she hates America for this and intends to cure the problem once and for all, our actual health, our considered judgment, and her continued hold on power be damned. She's holding a dagger and sees a bare back.

-- CAV


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Beth said...

In reading your post I was struck by the term "egalitarian." I think that term carries with it some mushy feel-good aspects (similar to the term "democracy") that it does not deserve. You are right, she is an egalitarian--and you understand how egalitarianism threatens individual rights--just as I am sure you understand how democracy is the enemy of freedom.
When I think of "democracy" these days, i substitute the word "mobocracy" to better capture its meaning. What flew to mind upon reading "egalitarian" was the term "leveler"---and all the evil destructiveness which accompanies bashing the good down to the lowest common denominator-- which is what egalitarianism is all about.

Steve D said...

I wish I could be so sure about the judgement of history but over 3300 years later people are still debating the legacy of Alexander of Macedon, one of the most brutal tyrants who ever lived. Look at all the brutes throughout history who are still thought of as heros.

Obama’s present actions were very predictable before his election. Nothing he has done since then has been out of character. A great deal of people must at least to some extent agree with him. For history to judge him poorly, people in the future will have to regain their ability to make proper judgements.

I agree that Pelosi is an egalitarian. Intellectually, I can see this but it’s still hard to imagine someone who actually enjoys bringing people down so much that she would be willing to risk her own position. I don't see any other explanation of her behavior though.


Gus Van Horn said...


I also thought of "leveler," but hadn't time. Thanks for mentioning that.


History hasn't been sufficiently informed by a rational philosophy. Yet.


Roger said...

Yes, Pelosi is egalitarian to the core, but her egalitarianism applies only to us, the poor, uneducated citizen-herd, who can't think or act properly on our own. It does not apply to her, an "enlightened" shepherd, nor to her fellow wise men and women in Congress. They exempt themselves from the laws they pass.

Gus Van Horn said...

No argument with you there...