Quick Roundup 495

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Adieu, 2009

I was out of the States and off the Web when it was compiled, but I do like this "Best of 2009" Objectivist Roundup over at Rational Jenn.

And, while we're reviewing 2009, I got a big kick out of Dave Barry's year-in-review column for 2009. He both essentialized the absurdity of that craptastic year and made me laugh out loud about it several times.

I am in awe.

Obama's Piece Prize

By now, it's an oldie, but it's still a goodie. (HT: Mom)

Leave it to Psmith

While on vacation, I enjoyed reading my first P. G. Wodehouse novel, Leave it to Psmith. I recall hearing rave reviews of Wodehouse in Objectivist circles at some point, and that helped the book catch my eye while I was Christmas shopping. Unfortunately, I can dredge the source of the recommendation from neither memory nor Google.

Pure, benevolent fun! Whoever that was has my thanks.


That's about all I can say about this list of "Ten Things You Need to Stop Tweeting about."

-- CAV


Rational Jenn said...

Thanks for the link! And I'm in the middle of my first Wodehouse book, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit. I'm enjoying it immensely. Good stuff!

Gus Van Horn said...

You're welcome, Jenn!

Also, glad to hear you're enjoying Wodehouse, too.

You may be interested in knowing about a British series I'm going to try out through Netflix: Jeeves and Wooster. Perhaps oddly for fans of House, it features Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster.

In any event, thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!

Snedcat said...

Yo, Gus, you write: "Pure, benevolent fun! Whoever that was has my thanks." Hmm, I don't think it was me. I enjoy Wodehouse's stories and might have recommended them to you some time in the past, but I don't remember doing so. Much more likely you read it on one of the blogs in your blogrole, because I remember running across positive reviews of his books on a couple of them.

Gus Van Horn said...

I thought it was HBL, but GMail search failed to unearth any reference to his last name whatsoever.