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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not needing to drive on a regular basis and putting off the fees to switch to a Massachusetts driver's license, I find myself in the bizarre position of wishing I could head to the polls today, and in the unfortunate one of being unable to so. But since I don't have that particular means of fighting socialism at my disposal today, I will do what I can do: Urge anyone in Massachusetts who happens by here and shares my opposition to Barack Obama's attempt to enslave our physicians to head to the polls today and vote for Scott Brown.

I do not know that much about Brown, other than that he has pledged to be the missing 41st vote against the attempted government takeover of medicine. However, particularly with Barack Obama's recent trip to the Bay State to back the odious Martha Coakley, it almost doesn't matter what Brown's other views might happen to be: Obama has made it undeniable that this election is a referendum on his plan. I probably would not support Brown other than for this pledge.

The fact that this election is a referendum at all ought to give the Democrats pause, but it does not. Rather, there is talk of Obama doubling down even if Brown loses, and there are concerns that Massachusetts will stall a Brown swearing-in long enough to effectively nullify such a result. And it could well be true that despite a Brown victory, the Democrats will still sign some form of their legislation into law.

However, Democrat grandstanding and threats aside, the fact remains, a Brown victory would, at the very least, cause the Democrats to either have to become even more openly opposed to the founding principles of the United States and will of the American people -- or give up this legislation. In either case, the legitimacy of the most anti-American President in United States history will be called into question in terms that no thinking adult can evade.

I had to work yesterday. My occupation is highly specialized, and so I am surrounded with very well-educated people. Thanks in large part to the left's decades-old stranglehold on our state-run education system, of I am probably the only person there who wants Brown to win. A major official of my company was urging people to vote yesterday and then took half the day off to "canvas for Coakley voters" as another co-worker put it. Do not permit Brown's recent polling data to make you complacent: Scenes like this, I am sure, are playing out all over the place in the Boston area. And, sadly, I am doubtless not the only recent Bay State transplant who would have happily voted for Brown to have put off registering to vote.

Obama may like to claim that his opponents march in lockstep, but he's the "community organizer," and it will be his hoardes of sixties retreads, young fools, ne'er do wells, and methadone clinic zombies who will be fumbling for the lever today if they can be rounded up in time, and that will be before whatever behind-the-scenes shenanigans his party's machine can arrange.

The best electoral result today would be for Brown to win decisively enough that there will be no need or excuse for a recount. That result is unlikely, but possible. This is no time for complacency. This is not the time to be intimidated. There is no margin for error.

-- CAV


Beth said...

Are you sure you can't register today? I know each states rules are different, but many make it easy. Bills addressed to you at a local address may be enough, or better yet, bank checks with your name and local address may do it. It's worth a try.
I would agree that complacency is a mistake---even with Intrade running 77% for Brown. The more it is made an issue, the more motivated the Democrats will be to get out and vote. Best of luck.

Sandi Trixx said...

Brown is pretty bad - check out his position on the issues

Plus he supported Romney Care. However, he has promised to kill Obamacare, so there is not much choice for Mass freedom lovers!

Gus Van Horn said...


Checked yesterday. Twenty days before the election. Of course, at that point, there wasn't really a race.


I noticed that when I got a chance to check later in the day and was mortified.

Even so, unless he reneges on his pledge, his vote would perhaps buy us time.