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Friday, July 09, 2010

This weekend, I'll be out of town to serve as the best man in a good friend's wedding somewhere in the vast expanse known to many in my current locale as "flyover country." Due to circumstances, the actual date ended up being nailed down only a few weeks ago, and the timing is just ahead of a heaping load of BUSY upon my return. I may be unplugged from the Internet entirely over the weekend and not back to blogging until Tuesday.

That said, in this morning's scatterbrained rush, I'll toss out a few links whose only common thread is that the topics happen to be on my mind.

  • I'm holding out on purchasing a smart phone for a variety of reasons. That said, I'm glad that Android seems to be gaining momentum as a competitor to the iPhone, as evidenced by a Lifehacker article on migrating from the iPhone to the Android, and an Ars Technica piece on the increasing attention that developers are giving to the Android.
  • A year-old post from Unclutterer on "10 Uncluttering Things to Do Every Day" is worth my while to review when I get back. Especially Item 8.
  • I was going to make a crack about LeBron James not running his free agency options by Barack Obama, but I see that the Onion beat me to it by a mile. On the other hand, some software that could have spared me all Internet mention of LeBron came to my attention a day too late. I'm just glad that soap opera is over.
  • The friend who introduced me to Mrs. Van Horn is, by some odd coincidence, also the one who convinced me to grow the beard I still wear today some time before the fact. As a result, weddings sometime make me think about beards. Don't laugh: Here's a whole web site about beards. Knock yourself out. I will say that I noticed a subtle change for the better in how people reacted to me after I grew mine.
  • I'll also mention of this week's Objectivist Roundup. There are several posts there about this year's OCON in Las Vegas and a "MiniCon" held in Atlanta. I missed both, but if I had been able to attend OCON, I'd have missed parts of an OCON for two years in a row due to weddings! Last year, I was in Mexico for my sister-in-law's marriage at the start of Boston's edition.
  • Oh. One more. I'll watch the World Cup Final on TiVo upon my return. I have to agree with Jamie Trecker on this one: "My heart says Holland ... but my head says Spain." Whatever the result, this should be fun to watch.
That's all folks. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday at the latest.

-- CAV

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