8-7-10 Hodgepodge

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Less is more.

With this post, my long-running series of (not always that terribly) "Quick Roundup" posts officially comes to an end at 552 installments, or nearly a quarter of all the posts for this blog. I often had fun with them, but in order to have more time for writing other things, I experimented last week with allowing myself to do less work for more posts.

I am happy with the results, and so will confine myself to perhaps one grab-bag type of post near the end of each week. I expect these to differ in character from the old roundup posts, hence the new name.

And now, it's time to clear my Firefox tabs...

Schwartz on Writing

Burgess Laughlin wrote a nice review a little while back of Peter Schwartz's lectures on "The Writing Process."

Niche Blogs

The list of blogs about the English language includes one of my favorites, Lowercase L. Useless Fliers is also pretty amusing.

"The Confidence Song"

(Possibly NSFW, but then again, why are you listening to music at work?)

Lots of people try to fake it.

What a screamer!

-- CAV

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