Morris on the Mid-Terms

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dick Morris is one of the better political handicappers out there, and if his read on the upcoming elections is accurate, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are indeed cruising for a bruising.

Republicans realize that our entire way of life and national idea is at stake in the 2010 elections. The radicalism of the Obama agenda and the mindless complicity of House and Senate Democrats who didn't even read the bills they were passing have left a sense that America as we know it is on the line.


When polls show Republicans even with their Democratic opponents, the GOP will win. [The Democrats trail in "enthusiasm" by 56-38%. --ed] Undecided voters generally go against the incumbents, and the vast difference in voter enthusiasm will tilt these races to the Republican challengers.

Prediction: The Republicans will win the Senate, capturing seats in Indiana, Arkansas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington state, Illinois and Nevada. And they could prevail in New York, Connecticut, Delaware and California to boot.

The GOP will capture the House by a goodly margin, winning upward of 60-plus seats now held by Democrats. And it could go a lot higher!
I hope he's right, although if he is, this would only mark the beginning of a lot of work.

-- CAV

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