Periodic Tables

Friday, October 08, 2010

Over at Mental Floss this morning, I encountered a pretty good list of gag tables modeled after the Periodic Table of the Elements. (That said, I don't watch Mad Men, so the merits of the first table are lost on me.) My favorite among them by far is Crispian Jago's "Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense," which I show below, and which I believe he is merchandising successfully. (Scroll down at the link.)

Jago seems unfortunately to have fallen partially under the spell of Peter Singer, so there are a few "elements" missing from his table, but I like what he's cataloged so far!

And missing from the above list of tables is an old favorite of mine, the "Beeriodic Table," which I have on a tee shirt very similar to the one pictured at this link. (But it looks like it appears on one of the other lists at the bottom of the page there...)

-- CAV

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