"None of Us Are Free"

Friday, January 21, 2011

I've been behind the wheel a lot lately, in part to test drive a recently-repaired car and in part because I'm a more experienced winter driver than my wife, believe it or not. My brother and I threw papers from a Volkswagen when we were in high school, and we'd sometimes have to contend with freezing rain. A winter I spent long ago in Connecticut, with a forty-five minute commute didn't hurt, either.

The car's fine and Mrs. Van Horn's got to learn how to drive in this stuff sooner or later, so I'll probably turn over the reins to her today -- if the snowstorm du jour isn't ridiculously heavy. Fortunately, departure time is mid-morning today.

I tend to listen to music as I drive, and yesterday, I particularly enjoyed the song in the above video. It's "None of Us Are Free" by Solomon Burke, and it's the finale in the American Blues compilation.

-- CAV

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