9-10-11 Hodgepodge

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My hands are tied and I have a full plate today, so not much new from me. Enjoy the links!

Weekend Reading

"When it comes to excessive behaviors, the issue isn't only, 'How much is too much?' The issue is also how one thinks, based on his or her particular context." -- Michael Hurd, in "How Much Is Too Much?" at DrHurd.com

"[W]hile I generally avoid catching 'falling knives' or picking bottoms in weak stocks, a recent jump in one notable indicator has me once again taking a shot at shipping." -- Jonathan Hoenig, in "Smoother Waters Ahead for Shipping Stocks? " at SmartMoney

" In the past decade [the 23] states with right-to-work laws have seen jobs increase by 3 million, while the other states have seen a net job loss of 1 million." -- Richard Salsman , in "The Jobs Speech Obama Dares Not Deliver" at Forbes

"Speaking of which, we need to start renaming muggings as 'mugger-victim partnerships.'" -- Paul Hsieh , in "Let's Model ObamaJobs After ObamaCare!" at PajamasMedia

My Two Cents

The Salsman piece is one of the best and most informative on unemployment I have ever read. Thank you, Barack Obama, for deciding to babble about jobs the other day.

Hurd's discussion of "excessive behaviors" is the antidote to the pernicious ideas that we either have to be, say, (a) slobs or neatness freaks, or (b) find some kind of "golden mean" between slovenliness and sterility. Principles and algorithms are not the same thing.

-- CAV

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