6-23-12 Weekend Reading

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm travelling this weekend, but it looks like there is enough material below to keep just about anyone busy.


"That's the scary realization everybody needs to understand. When the economy isn't free, neither are you." -- Jonathan Hoenig, in "The Economic Police State" at SmartMoney

"Government spending doesn't add anything back to national output, on a net basis; in fact, its spending renders output less than it would be otherwise, because it also saps producers of rights, incentives, and savings, while subsidizing both unproductive and anti-productive bureaucrats, regulators, and various undeserving recipients of state largess." -- Richard Salsman, in "Fiscal Austerity and Public Policy" at Forbes

"When The Ayn Rand Lexicon was made, she told the editor that such a lexicon would be very convenient: 'People will be able to look up BREAKFAST and see that I did not advocate eating babies for breakfast.'" -- Ole Martin Moen, in "Did Ayn Rand Eat Babies for Breakfast?" at Forbes

"Many disagreements won't take away from your friendship." -- Michael Hurd, in "Can You Agree to Disagree?" at DrHurd.com

"They follow ancient precedent; Plato thought that 'philosopher kings' should rule us (the New York Times agrees)." -- Richard Ralston, in "The '1 percent' Really to be Feared" at The Orange County Register

"[N]o self-respecting business employs someone unless it thinks it can increase profits thereby, and no self-respecting person demands to be employed at a loss to his employer. Jobs depend on profits." -- Doug Altner, in "Private Equity Firms Want Their Acquisitions To Profit, Not Fold" at Investor's Business Daily

"The costs of universal health care are used to justify the nanny state. Conversely, nanny state regulations fuel the welfare state by undermining individual responsibility." -- Paul Hsieh, in "The Dangerous Synergy Between the Nanny State and Universal Health Care", at Forbes


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