Forward ... Over a Cliff

Monday, September 24, 2012

At Forbes, economist Mark Hendrickson argues that President Obama has been waging war against cheap energy. I have no trouble believing that proposition, but even I was unpleasantly surprised by how successful he has been. Hendrickson lays out abundant evidence and supplies several damning quotes from the President and his government cronies. (Will Romney pounce on any of this?)

Most revealing -- of Obama and the environmentalist movement as a whole -- is the following:

It wasn't that long ago that Al Gore and other mean greens designated natural gas as the fossil fuel of the future, but now that it is turning out to be superabundant, and therefore has become dirt-cheap, they have turned against it with a vengeance. The Sierra report announces, "We're going to be preventing new gas plants from being built wherever we can." More quietly, White House energy aide Heather Zichal followed up with an announcement this summer that Salazar's Interior Department will unveil new rules regulating "fracking" sometime after the election. [link corrected]
To see what they might mean, just read the rest of the article and see what kind of "progress" has been made against coal power. Among other things, 175 coal-powered electric plants will be closing over the next few years due to new EPA emissions standards.

-- CAV

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