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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coming soon to the boob tube is pro-ObamaCare propaganda funded by government-looted money. 

... Hollywood, an industry whose major players have been supportive of President Obama and his agenda, will be tapped. Plans are being discussed to pitch a reality television show about "the trials and tribulations of families living without medical coverage," according to the Ogilvy plan. The [California Health Benefit Exchange] will also seek to have prime-time television shows, like "Modern Family," "Grey's Anatomy" and Univision telenovelas, weave the health care law into their plots. [bold in excerpt at above link]
We have now had government schools and government regulation of other vast swaths of the economy for generations. Not only do many Americans fail to question why the government is even involved in such things, they take such activity for granted. An insidious cultural effect of pervasive government regulations has been that too many people see the government as some sort of "referee" or source of (or substitute for) objective judgement by individuals motivated by self-interest (and as if government officials are not also fallible humans).

This development is hardly a surprise: Lots of other government propaganda is issued as "education" already, and leftist figures in the entertainment industry have been smuggling their views into our entertainment for a long time, too. This invasion of our leisure time by the government is disgusting, but -- and not to excuse it -- I'd be amazed if this were the first time such shenanigans have ever occurred.

Oh, wait! They have. And conservatives may have even beaten leftists to it!

-- CAV

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