Friday Four

Friday, February 15, 2013

1. My daughter has been fascinated by the moon ever since one night just before we left Boston: One evening, I saw a full moon and realized that, for all these books and nursery rhymes I'd been reading to her that mentioned "the moon", I'd never actually shown it to her! Now, our evenings often include a trip outside to see the moon, any planets that are out, and the stars. (It seems that I am not alone among parents of children my age in having a sky map installed on my phone for just this purpose.)

She also loves music, so I often play CDs in the mornings I am taking care of her. Naturally, these two things led me one morning to recall the above title track from an album I bought years ago in Houston. Deborah Cox starts singing "Destination Moon" around the two minute mark in the news clip above.

2. Continuing in an astronomical vein for a bit longer, let me recommend taking a gander at what large cities could look like against the starrier backdrop of the night skies of more rural areas.

3. Over at IP Watchdog is a list of the best corporate character mascots of all time, along with brief histories of each. You'll have to scroll way down to see my favorite, since they saved the best for last.

4. My daughter is only closing in on 20 months, but I can already appreciate the merits of making an effort to look at things through the eyes of a five-year-old.

-- CAV

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