Friday Four

Friday, March 01, 2013

1. I do most of my web browsing on Firefox, but I will have to give serious thought to making the switch to Chrome since a noisy tab indicator is in the works:

This change would presumably also be very useful for instantly recognizing which tab is annoyingly blaring sound when you have countless tabs open. This often happens when you open a slew of tabs at once or you reopen your browser which already had tabs open that were previously playing content.
Since one of the hazards of blogging in the wee hours in the room next to where my baby sleeps is waking her up, I might even test drive the build of Chrome mentioned in an update to the post linked above: It already has a preliminary version of this feature.

2. Speaking of my baby girl, we had a few inches of snow a week or so ago. Naturally, she wanted to play in it at every opportunity. To signal this, she'd walk over to the door, point to it, and say her very cute version of the word outside, which comes out something like, "Hahsh-eye", with the accent on the first syllable.

3. Miniaturization has reached a new milestone: computers you can swallow.
How tiny? One application that Freescale says the chips could be used for is swallowable computers. Yes, you read that right. "We are working with our customers and partners on providing technology for their products that can be swallowed but we can't really comment on unannounced products," says Steve Tateosian, global product marketing manager.
4. John Cook's list of geeky consulting company names is a hoot. My favorite? "Zeno Consulting: We'll get you arbitrarily close to where you want to be."

-- CAV

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