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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Journalist as Expose

This story epitomizes Islam, the Western left, and their relationship with each other.

An Australian media outlet uses easily-obtainable information to detail both the hypocrisy of the Iranian theocracy and the vacuousness of one of its western "reporters", Edwina Storie. The story notes that, "Her behaviour, all perfectly lawful here in Australia, would be sufficient for her to be stoned to death in the theocratic and tyrannical regime that pays her to propagandise on their behalf."

First, from her resume:

One modelling site has dozens of racy images of Ms Storie with "tags" describing her work that would have any Mullah reaching for his stones. The descriptions include "porn movie," "sex video," "call girl," "girl kneeling," "erotic," "sensual," "mistress," "affair," "laying back," "legs in air," "seductress," "sucking on finger," "married man," "office affair," "secret rendezvous," "cleavage," "buttocks in air," "arched back," "body in air," "busty," "boobs," "heels on bed," "afternoon delight," and "afterwork surprise." Certainly it would be something of a surprise for Ms Storie's work colleagues at PressTV.
Second, regarding the regime for whom she serves as a willing accomplice, here is but an example of what Storie is helping along through her efforts:
A 19-year-old pregnant Iranian woman, accused of adultery, or sex outside marriage, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, recently battled authorities over her death sentence, not over whether she was to be executed but whether she could avoid death by stoning and instead be punished by hanging. ...
In the face of such obscenity, I am at a loss for words. Fortunately, reader Snedcat, who emailed me about this story, wasn't. This is, he says, a "[t]ypical leftie party girl cozying up to the Iranian regime, as if acting and believing really really fervently that ideas don't matter will magically make that true."

Weekend Reading

"[I]f you don't keep track of what's in your head, then you're more subject to someone else's suggestions." -- Michael Hurd, in "Hypnosis: Fact or Fantasy?", at The Delaware Wave

"The childhood 'rule' that we're either self-sacrificing or thoughtlessly 'selfish' is a false alternative." --Michael Hurd, in "Your Interests Must Come First" at The Delaware Coast Press

"[W]e cannot evaluate GM's decisions without recognizing a wider context: the coercive nature of labor laws." -- Doug Altner, in "What Explains GM's Problems with the UAW?", in Forbes

My Two Cents

Since the left is all about context-dropping, I have to say that I like the tack Doug Altner took in arguing against one of Barack Obama's GM talking points.

Zigging when Others Zag

I found this list of "17 Counterintuitive Things the Most Successful People Do" at Forbes to be thought-provoking. Here's one I could have used when I was younger.
Seek Out Rejection - to get desensitized to the fear of it.   Once we lose the fear of rejection we more easily go after what we want, and thus get more of it.  (TIP: more details in the 5 Steps Sales Process)
Of course, I'd flesh out what any of these meant before trying them. Some of these, like "pick fights" could backfire very badly if done half-cocked.


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