Friday Four

Friday, March 07, 2014

1. He's not great at it, but Little Man is crawling, just shy of nine months old. We had a good laugh seeing him poke his head around the corner yesterday, after we'd left him for a moment to play in the next room.

2. Man solves vexing problem while at office party:

Well, who cares. He's called the elevator, so he's probably on the way out. Oops, watch it there, buddy--stop looking at your Facebook account on that iPhone, or you'll miss the elevator. The light's off, the car is going to arrive any second now… and you missed it. Haha, you silly idiot, you…

Holy cow.

Holy cow.

He wasn't paying attention. He missed the elevator.

I bet you that's exactly what happens in my code. If the remote end hangs up while I'm waiting for my authentication tokens, my app won't notice, error out, and leak the socket.
If you've ever spent lots of time trying to figure something out, only to have the answer dawn on you at some really strange moment, reading the whole thing will likely amuse you.

3. Like your smart phone? Two innovations I have heard about in the past couple of weeks could vastly improve it. Just swap out a couple of cards to get (a) data storage comparable to a small laptop, and (b) vastly improved signal. Well, okay, the second of these is still some time and a hefty infrastructure improvement away.

4. A picture of Earth surrounded by man-made satellites has been making the rounds. Says Yahoo! News:
... Even those of us with no interest in traveling to space have come to rely on The Final Frontier more so than ever before, thanks to an increasing number of services that rely on satellites orbiting the Earth. Cell phones and in-dash navigation systems rely on GPS satellites, Dish and DirecTV obviously use satellite feeds, and satellite communications systems offered by the likes of Inmarsat and Iridium continue to proliferate across various industries. ...
Those who are interested in travelling to space mght also find a different image edifying.

-- CAV

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