Look Who Opposes Internet Gambling

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In an article about government interference with gambling, John Stossel notes that a casino owner is behind the push to ban Internet gambling.

A group called the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling wants to prevent legalization. It warns: "gambling will be available in every home, every bedroom, every dorm room, on every phone, tablet and computer!"

It's revealing that its ads are funded by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. He doesn't mind you gambling, obviously. He just wants you to go to casinos, like those he happens to own.
Long ago, when various states started lotteries, or introduced such things as riverboat gambling, I mistakenly viewed this as a step in the right direction, towards ultimate legalization. Clearly, this hasn't happened, and it is clear that people like Adelson, who profiteer from such government distortion of the market, don't want it to. (It is also clear how lazy this man is: He has a huge amount of experience in the gambling industry, and yet scorns a clear opportunity for growth.)
This example, and many others in the Stossel piece, show that such a view was mistaken. Gambling continues to be treated like a criminal activity by the government: It's just that the government is behaving like a criminal gang, and muscling in. The fact that so many GOP presidential hopefuls are courting the above-named "magnate" is disappointing, to say the least. (Oh, and the manner of it will make you cringe.)

-- CAV

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