Last Woman Standing

Monday, March 09, 2015

According to political analyst Dick Morris, we may see some unfortunate fallout from Hillary Clinton's illegal use of a personal email account for State Department business -- in the form of an even farther-to-the-left Democrat nominee for the Presidency:

[Elizabeth] Warren will still profess her preference for Hillary as the nominee, but, with the filing deadlines looming ever closer in the key states, she will likely let her name be introduced simply as a fallback should Hillary get into trouble. And, as Hillary digs herself deeper into scandal by her pigheaded stubbornness, Warren will look better and better.

Indeed, her candidacy will have been triggered by a real and honest draft as worried Democrats cast about for an alternative to a damaged Hillary or become increasingly concerned about what is in the emails she is so anxious to conceal.
If the GOP could produce a half-way decent candidate, who would run as actual opposition to the Democrat candidate, I would welcome this development. But I remember all too well Scott "41=0" Brown's me-tooing the discriminatory laws that Warren took advantage of with her dubious claims of Amerindian ancestry. Oh, and their running the guy who passed ObamaCare first against Barack Obama in 2012.

-- CAV

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