Stephens on Obama's Betrayal of Israel

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Warning that, "The Democratic Party is on the cusp of abandoning the state of Israel", Brett Stephens of the Wall Street Journal goes on to consider how radically the stand towards Israel by Democrats has changed. For example:

That means the GOP is now the engine, the Democrats at best a wheel, in U.S. support for Israel. The Obama administration is the kill switch. Over the weekend, a defensive White House put out a statement noting the various ways it has supported Israel. It highlighted the 1985 U.S.-Israel free-trade agreement and a military assistance package concluded in 2007. When Barack Obama must cite the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush as evidence of his pro-Israel bona fides, you know there is a problem. [links in original]
Stephens does concede that the current administration has done a few things for Israel -- before demonstrating that these measures pale in comparison to Obama's betrayals.

Congressional Democrats have the opportunity to make sure these betrayals belong only to the administration. Will they heed Stephens's wake-up call? I have no idea, but his article is also a wake-up call for anyone concerned about what our country might soon do to a staunch ally. Read the whole thing.

-- CAV

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