A High-Speed Train Wreck

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Might you need an update on the situation in the Middle East? Might you have underestimated our President's level of naivete -- or mendacity -- regarding the region? Might you have blinked your eyes recently?

If so, Brett Stephens has the update you need. After a time line so short and so full of big developments it will make your head spin, Stephens adds, regarding the deputy national security advisor:

I recount these events not just to illustrate the distance between Ben Rhodes's concept of reality and reality itself. It's also a question of speed. The Middle East, along with our position in it, is unraveling at an astonishing pace. Reckless drivers often don't notice how fast they're going until they're about to crash.
Stephens said we are near a point of no return. That was a couple of days ago.

-- CAV


George said...

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That works only for subscribers. WSJ and some other outlets are well-known to impose a "paywall" that, at least for some of their articles, is easily circumvented by direction from major search engines or news aggregators. If, through the magic of cookies, current subscribers can't use the same kind of links WSJ chooses to allow for anyone else, that would be interesting indeed.

If that's the case, of course, current subscribers should follow the link you supplied. Non-subscribers can continue using the link I supplied, which I just verified.