Where the Government's Sandbox Ends

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

With a much-appreciated dash of humor, Walter Williams demolishes a slew of pretenders and their establishment cheerleaders:

There is a condition known as species dysphoria, similar to gender dysphoria. It is a condition in which people think they are animals trapped in human bodies. I've been giving this option some serious thought. I've been thinking of calling myself a springbok trapped in a human body. Some people might argue that I would be in need of psychological treatment. I'd dismiss such a claim as being animalphobic. You might ask, "Williams, why in the world would you want to call yourself a springbok?" I would be doing it for personal gain, just as Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren benefited by pretending they were of another race. I'd be doing it for tax reasons. I've read a considerable amount of the Internal Revenue Code. It says nothing about wild animals having a federal tax obligation. Were government officials to demand that I, as a springbok, pay taxes, I'd report them to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. [bold added]
Yeah. And Disney Cruises will settle your account with the "faith, hope, and pixie dust" their shows so frequently pitch. It is usually fertile ground for thought to ask oneself why a person (or organization, especially a government) promotes an idea until the moment it threatens to frustrate the acquisition of money.

-- CAV

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