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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Matt Sissel on His Court Fight

Attorneys for Matt Sissel, who is suing to have ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional, have just asked the Supreme Court to hear his case. This is good news, especially because of Sissel's reason for filing the suit:

As I have pointed out from the beginning, I served with the Army National Guard in Iraq as a combat medic, eventually receiving the Bronze Star. I mention that experience because it underscores an important point: While I was proud to volunteer for military service, I object to being conscripted, now, into a command-and-control federal health care regime.

As free individuals, Americans should not be compelled to buy expensive, one-size-fits-all insurance policies concocted by federal bureaucrats. Lawmakers who can't balance the government's books have no business dictating to the rest of us how to budget and allocate our own money for our own health care needs. [bold added]
I thank Mr. Sissel and wish him luck. (HT: We Stand Firm)

Weekend Reading

"If you feel that you don't like someone after a first meeting and you don't know why, consider that your emotions might be the culprit." -- Michael Hurd, in "What's Your First Impression?" at The Delaware Wave

"The growth and maintenance of self-confidence is cumulative and must be ongoing." -- Michael Hurd, in "Yes I Can -- No I Can't" at The Delaware Coast Press

The DNC's Self-Parody

Someone has gotten a list published at McSweeney's Interent Tendency entitled, "Email Subject Heading From the Democratic National Committee or Text From an Emotionally Immature Friend?."

Yeah. That's about right.

-- CAV

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