We Need a CHOICE Come November

Monday, January 04, 2016

Ramesh Ponnuru of Bloomberg View writes the most intelligent thing I've seen in some time regarding the premise that Republicans need to perform better among Hispanic voters.

... Instead of thinking about voters in racial categories at all, Republicans should probably make the case that their agenda would turn out better than the Democratic one for most people -- and make that case to voters of all races. The question Republicans should be asking themselves is not how to do better with this or that racial group, but how to make that basic case.
The only thing I could add to this regards said agenda: The GOP must differentiate itself from the Democrats. Ponnuru started his analysis with Mitt Romney, whose defeat came as no shock to me, given how little difference there was in the policies espoused by the two candidates.

Thomas Sowell has argued in a similar vein on the subject of Republican outreach to non-white voters, "Why should anyone who wants racially earmarked goodies vote for Republicans, when the Democrats already have a track record of delivering such goodies?" This reminds me of something I said (in the earlier link) that bears repeating:
The way to defeat an opponent is to say something to the effect of, "My opponent is wrong. I am better, and this is why." Follow this with actual arguments.
It is a shame that, four years later, anyone is having to say this at all.

-- CAV

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