Ditch the Wire Grill Brush

Thursday, June 01, 2017

This spring has been wet and ... feeble ... here in Maryland. Only a couple of days so far have seemed even close to summer-like to me, and I don't think that's just my Inner Houstonian talking. But my mind is on barbecue, so I'll let him speak now. There's a post on organizing for barbecue season over at Unclutterer that might make me glad I got rained out last Sunday, depending on what ideas any commenters there (or here) come up with.

That said, I'll quote their most important tip here:

It is important to clean your grill at the start of the season and between uses. Choose a bristle-free brush for cleaning your grill. Experts recommend that people throw out their wire bristle brushes because of the danger of bristles coming loose, sticking to the grill, transferring to food and accidentally being eaten. [links in original, bold added]
I passed the word about this a few months ago -- and saw such brushes on sale last week, telling me that this hasn't yet become common knowledge. (You can thank my son, who woke beaming at zero dark o'clock for this short, but, I hope, still enlightening post.)

Later on, I plan to mosey on over to The Unclutterer to see if there are any tips I can use to make my at-home grilling easier. My big problem is that I have to go through a couple of doors (one sliding, both with steps) between the kitchen and the patio, while dodging kids, to set myself up. I have a cooler with wheels and handles that I might use as a caddy to reduce the number of trips I have to make, but I might find other, better ideas there, later on.

-- CAV

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