Friday Hodgepodge

Friday, March 22, 2019

Not sufficient for freedom. (Image by Open-Clipart Vectors, via Pixabay, license.)
Notable Commentary

"Eliminate government's ability to hand out benefits and burdens, and you eliminate the incentive to try to influence it." -- Talbot Manvel, in "Limits on Campaign Contributions Would Be a Limit on Free Speech" at The (Annapolis) Capital.

"When people realize that voting is essential to a free society but not its essence, they will stop praising democracy." -- Bob Stubblefield, in "LTE: Voting and Freedom Go Hand in Hand" at The Aiken Standard.

"Who needs more paper money that becomes worth less each year?" -- Richard Salsman, in "The Production of Money Isn't (Necessarily) the Production of Wealth" at The American Institute for Economic Research.

"[Keynes] gave us the recipe for 'overturning the existing basis of society.'" -- Keith Weiner, in "Keynes Was a Vicious Bastard" at SNB & CHF.

-- CAV

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