Is Ballot Harvesting in GOP Memory Hole?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Daily Wire, its reporter obviously salivating, reports:

The same state that outlawed contracting says it's a-okay for someone you don't know to file your ballot on your behalf. (Image by Element5 Digital, via Unsplash, license.)
With all the hype over the Joe Biden versus Bernie Sanders face-off during Tuesday night's Democratic primaries, a dirty little secret for the Democrats was revealed in California, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't going to like it: nine seats currently held by Democrats in California look vulnerable enough that the GOP might grab them.
The rationale for this optimistic prediction follows, and it might look compelling to anyone who might have forgotten that, in the last election, "[S]even Republicans who -- as of election day -- had won congressional seats in California, 'lost' them weeks later." This was due to the legalized election fraud former governor Jerry Brown signed into law in 2016, also known as "ballot harvesting."

I don't trust a potential President Biden to oppose -- or have possession of his marbles enough to oppose -- a "Green New Deal." Here's hoping that the California GOP won't take anything for granted no matter how rosy the polling might look.

-- CAV

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